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Nokia Reveals 4G LTE Windows Phone will be revealed at CES 2012

Nokia together with one operator in the United States, AT & T, is rumored to be announcing your Windows Phone on International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2012.

Interestingly, citing The Verge as reported by BGR site, said that Nokia is now discussing with AT & T to make a surprise in the United States by launching a Lumia Windows Phone branded with LTE 4G connectivity.

If Nokia will actually release LTE phones networked Windows Phone, the present device is expected to have a higher specification than Lumia 800.

Windows Phone version which will be presented by Nokia for mobile phones that will be networked WP LTE is still unclear.

It was given in addition to Windows Phone 7.5 Mango to have been present at this time, the advanced version (Windows Phone Tango) which, according to sources at WinRumors estimated to be present at the beginning of 2012 by bringing support for LTE.

A couple of intriguing tidbits regarding Nokia's US plans have emerged this week which makes it look like the wait for the first handsets from the company will be worth it. Firstly there's the not-so surprising news that AT&T will be launching a Windows Phone at CES early next year with LTE connectivity. More interesting is the rumour that Nokia has waited to launch its new devices in the US to make a big impact with LTE. While the current build of Windows Phone doesn't support the technology the next version, known as Tango, is due to be released early in 2012 and will enable 4G LTE connectivity.

Verizon has only offered one Windows Phone device so far which makes it a possible candidate for an LTE-enabled Nokia handset but AT&T looks set to be the big launch partner when the Lumia handsets touch down in the US. The news comes via The Verge and claims that the first device to be launched with the carrier will be an LTE bearing variant of the Nokia N9-alike the Lumia 800.

With AT&T looking set to play teacher's pet to Nokia T-Mobile may also be leaving a shiny apple on its desk as the Lumia 710 was spotted recently passing through the FCC with support for the carrier's 3G bands. It might not have the wow factor of a 4G LTE Lumia 800 but the 710 is a more affordable and funky looking handset. According to Win Rumours Microsoft are chatting up all the major carriers with AT&T just expected to be the primary launch partner.

Although it's all unconfirmed it does seem very likely and Microsoft revealed its LTE intentions back in October in an interview with Bloomberg. In another interview around the same time it was said that it would be focussed on making LTE devices that are more energy efficient and which won't drain the battery so much.

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