Sabtu, 17 Desember 2011

10 Things That Help You Become Popular Tablet-PC

Here are some things that help the tablet to be Famous and better than notebooks and netbooks:

1.E-Paper 2.0
With the tablet, you can not only read books, newspapers, or magazines. Magazines like Sports Illustrated or Wired demonstrated its ability in fact, that is E-Paper 2.0 with Live-Voting and Video.

2.Learn-Slate for School and Campus
Books and a collection of formulas that have been worn and tattered would be history. With a background i ¬ cold cut costs, U.S. state, California, will switch to digital textbooks. Learn Tablets only a matter of time.

3.Handwriting Detector
You only need to write on the Tablet-PC with touch pen, writing directly translated in the form of letters. The pictures are hand creations can be stored and processed in digital form.

U.S. gamers can immediately satisfied with the Tablet-PC that supports Web. Computing and online streaming service OnLive, the online games can be played on low-speed devices starting 17 June.

You are not able to produce a char ¬ yes Leonardo da Vinci class with a pen that is (currently) less accurate on a Tablet-PC. However, not with Autodesk SketchBook Pro software and Corel Grafigo. Both the software has long offered the ability for it.
6.Electronic Record Media
Since a few years ago, doctors at the hospital working with the Tablet-PC. The patient's health records be opened on mobile devices via wireless networks.

7.Mobile Drawing Board
Outdoor-Tablet is wrapped with rubber gloves had long been used for construction projects. The design architect can correct them in place or documenting the progress of construction via webcam.

For the geologists, archaeologists, and restoration bangu ¬ nan, Tablet-PC has long been the equipment daily. With this handy device, they can record large amounts of data for outdoor needs.
9. Secret Home and Remote Control
Dream of the future: What was it like when you use the Slate to regulate the temperature of the heat from anywhere in the world, opened the window blinds, or turn off the gas stove?

10.Mobiles Lab
Office of the U.S. Military at their head. In the military, Tablet not only used as a control unit in the armored tank. With the extension ¬ specific, Outdoor-Slates can also be used in combat operations to measure weather data, including air and surface soil conditions.

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