Minggu, 15 Januari 2012

Lenovo and Acer Tablet-Based Planning Launches Windows 8

Lenovo and Acer rumored to be launching a Windows-based tablet 8 even though Microsoft itself has not officially announced when Windows 8 will be released. Not only that, the tablet rumors will be released in the third quarter of 2012 will be accompanied with an Intel platform Clover Trail.

This processor is deliberately designed for Android-based smart phones and tablets, which will soon be shipped in mid first quarter of 2012 by Intel.

The PC manufacturer is hoping on the Intel platform Trail Clover Clover Trail as expected Intel will be able to compete with ARM based processors in terms of performance and power savings.

Tablet PC Windows-Intel will have a strong potential in the enterprise market and this is because the user still has a dependency on Microsoft's applications.

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Spenza-Sumpiuh mengatakan...

nice post

Muhammad Fajar mengatakan...

Keren, udah win 8... huhu,

Rama Arif Maulana mengatakan...

wah mantab nhe... :)
Absen malam sob

suram----code mengatakan...

nice info :)

Fazri mengatakan...

ga hanya notebook saja ya.. tablet pun lenovo sama acer saingan
nice bro

Kang Farhan mengatakan...

tak tunggu nek gitu...heheehe...bukan beli tapi pinjem ntar nek ada temen beli...hahahaha...inpo yg sip juragan. berkunjung balik dong abang gantenggg :)

Arif Pri mengatakan...

nice posting sobat..

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