Rabu, 15 Februari 2012

New Nokia Symbian UL Reavealed

Nokia have revealed pictures of the new Symbian UI and what they are planning to make it look like. Nokia have mentioned that for next year they are releasing just one Maemo smartphone and will be spending the rest of the time concentrating on the Symbian OS.

Nokia have said that the main problem with Symbian OS isn't the OS it's self, but actually the UI (User Interface). What Nokia are planning to do is reduce the number of taps you need to do to get around the menus. Rather than setting up an email address with 4 taps, it will reduce to 2 screen ta
ps. Other menu's and features will also get enhanced in the same way, such as easy access to music, photos etc

As well as reducing the steps needed to accomplish something, Nokia will also be increasing performance of the user interface by moving from the current 15 frames per second up to an impressive 60 frames per second making it ultra smooth.

The pictures below show a handset with an almost edge to edge capacitive screen. This phone is actually just a concept rendering of what they might do. Looking at the screen shots, the interface does look rather good. If it can perform like they say it does then they might just tempt be back to buying a Symbian device next time around.

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waduhh.. ane ga ngerti bahasa inggris sob.. jadi cuma bisa kasih komen "nice share.. happy blogging" :)

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Numpang silaturahmi gan....

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