Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012

Windows 8 Runs Stable with ARM Processor

One of the mobile platform that is awaited by connoisseurs of the tablet that is Windows 8. And, after passing through a long testing found that Windows 8 is capable of operating with a stable and impressive when tested using chips from ARM.

According to one source CNET, Windows 8 plus ARM proficiency level will reach the hands of the developers in February. This means that Windows 8 development platform along with some excellent features will begin to walk, which promises many advantages claimed.

Interestingly, if true would be perfect Windows 8 will collaborate with the ARM chip devices will later be sold much cheaper than the Intel processor-based Windows 8, who had exhibited at CES 2012. As a result the future of Windows 8 will be more competitive.

Indeed, for the current Intel chips still more superior than the ARM, which is the factor of legacy applications, which needed the support of third parties. It's just, it was mentioned that some applications are demonstrated Metro Microsoft planned to be available in Windows 8-powered ARM, because the applications are mostly based on HTML5. In this course, Microsoft also did not want to release a shame when an ARM-based platforms later, if only with a minimal number of applications.

Unfortunately, for more details Microsoft would not comment much. So we wait for its development.

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Rama Arif Maulana mengatakan...

Pertamax sob..
Mantab nhe sob :)
Absen siang

Ahmad Zuhdi mengatakan...

nice post.. absen malam :)

Darana-xp mengatakan...

Nice Share & Salam kenal, mampir sob ke Blog saya

Asis Sugianto mengatakan...

windows 8 emank keren abies sobat...

Anonim mengatakan...

windows 8 bukane masih developper,,

keren bnget,,,
yang developer apalagi yang aslinya,,

tpii sdihnya, hrus koneksi dengan internet full..
kalau kgak.. ya monoton,,

Rama Arif Maulana mengatakan...

hadir kembali sob... Izin nyimak Windows 8 nya... Mantab nhe :D
Absen siang

Juru Indra Download mengatakan...

mantap nih info window 8... baca lagi

Situmeang mengatakan...

wah.. semua jadi terlihat lbh mudah.. bila menggunakan windows 8

Rama Arif Maulana mengatakan...

hadir kembali sob... izin nyimak Windows 8nya :)
Absen siang

arie5758 mengatakan...

Reviewnya keren nih windows 8... tapi performanya berat gakya?... Makasih buat reviewnya sob :)

Arya Susastra mengatakan...

wah..keren juga...jadi pengen nyoba nih..mudah2n kinerjanya lebih bagus dari w7

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