Rabu, 15 Februari 2012

New Nokia Symbian UL Reavealed

Nokia have revealed pictures of the new Symbian UI and what they are planning to make it look like. Nokia have mentioned that for next year they are releasing just one Maemo smartphone and will be spending the rest of the time concentrating on the Symbian OS.

Nokia have said that the main problem with Symbian OS isn't the OS it's self, but actually the UI (User Interface). What Nokia are planning to do is reduce the number of taps you need to do to get around the menus. Rather than setting up an email address with 4 taps, it will reduce to 2 screen ta

Kamis, 09 Februari 2012

Update Nokia Belle for Symbian ^ 3 Has Launched

Information at a glance this seems to be the most awaited news by some users of Nokia mobile phone platform Symbian ^ 3 or Symbian Anna.

This good news came from Vietnam in which the representative of Nokia in there has posted a release date related information from Symbian Belle will be rolled out on 08/02/2012.

Sabtu, 04 Februari 2012

Windows 8 Runs Stable with ARM Processor

One of the mobile platform that is awaited by connoisseurs of the tablet that is Windows 8. And, after passing through a long testing found that Windows 8 is capable of operating with a stable and impressive when tested using chips from ARM.

According to one source CNET, Windows 8 plus ARM proficiency level will reach the hands of the developers in February. This means that Windows 8 development platform along with some excellent features will begin to walk, which promises many advantages claimed.

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